Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Why HP Customer Service sucks?

Update on 07/25/2006:
I have now been formally billed 307.35 by HP for what they said will be free of charge. Turns out the person in HP Corporate (do they actually have Corporate folks...seems like they dont) and the HP Parts Store person who took my order (Charles at 1-800-227-8164 x 5559147) didnt promise me anything or atleast there is no record of it. So now HP says pay up or return the product for credit. We hear everytime we call Customer Service about "Your call is being recorded for Quality purposes". If this is not of use now, why have the recording. If HP revisits the recordings of my conversation with them, it should be apparent enough. But no. They wont do it. I am now returning the product. I have also lodged a complaint with BBB (#253027).

Lessons Learned:
1. HP sucks
2. HP Customer Service is even worse.
3. Never buy anything HP.
4. Make sure you take down names of all customer service reps you talk to in any conversation.
5. Request that anything promised by Customer Service immediately be noted in the order Notes section (they have one that they never mention to you about unless asked for).
6. And finally, dont buy anything HP (I know I am repeating this but it should give you an idea of the inconvenience, lost time and effort that went into something that yielded nothing).

After a whole lot of time logged in phone calls with HP Parts customer service I decided to write a post my travails with them. This should tie in really well with how customer perception and the so-called awards and ratings differ and by how much. It also shows how impersonal the company is while touting their "The Pc is personal" compaign.

On the 3rd of March 2006, I ordered a 256MB graphics card for my desktop to play my games better. I got an order confirmation immediately. I waited eagerly for my card to ship. Hours turned to days and days turned to months. The status online didnt change. The seasons did. Winter was over. Spring came and left..and then it was summer. In the meantime, I had called HP Parts Customer Service multiple times (I called them between 5 and 10 times) to be told EVERYTIME that the product was backordered until recently and that it was going to be shipped in the next week. The next week never came.

When I checked status online for the Nth time on the 14th of July, I noticed that my order was cancelled. No warning. No reason. Just cancelled. By this time I had realised how much the company differed from what they claimed to be. HP is just another behemoth that cares two hoots about its individual customers. It likes the money we spend on its products. But just doesnt really care about how we suffer. I called Customer Service immediately and was sent from pillar to post (each pillar gave me a different reason why my order was cancelled - product unavailable to credit card denied) all the way upto Executive office. A lady in the Executive office started asking me stupid questions like what PC I owned and how old it was, that was completely irrelevent to the problem at hand and only outlined how removed the company was from reality. I could use the graphics card to stomp on. Why would the company care as long as I paid for it and knew what I was doing?

Coming back to the story, the Executive office lady redirected me to the Parts Customer Service section to redo my order and provide a VALID CREDIT CARD. Did I mention that I have been using this card for 4 years now and continue to use it on an almost daily basis?. Nevermind. I gave them a different credit card only to be told the product was no more sold by HP. The Parts store "expert" was unable to recommend a viable alternative from their store even after consulting other "parts experts". It took me all of 5 minutes to select an alternative from their store and a "new" order was created. I was explicitly told that HP would NOT be charging me for their repeated blunders. I figured this would be the very end of my ordeal. WRONG.

The new order confirmation came with a bill for 307 dollars. I called back immediately only to not be able ot reach the same Customer Service Rep. The other rep who handled the issue said that the new order or the old order had no notes saying that HP would be taking care of the bill. So now after 6 months of waiting and letting go of innumerable good offers on graphics cards, I am asked to pay 307 dollars for what amounts to multiple critical flaws in the famed and much ballyhooed customer service of HP.

I am at a loss of words. I figured as the helpless consumer who has spent hours wrangling to no use, I need to atleast let others know why companies like HP thrive. Its because suffering customers like us do not make the right kind of noise. The kind that gets noticed. If you have had a similar customer service experience, with HP or any other MNC, I would definitely like to hear about it.


saranyan said...

can't you cancel the order?

I'm at loss of words too. once we give our credit card information, its dancing for their tunes all the way.

why don't you talk to an attorney and see if you can send a notice to HP.

The Last Blogger said...

Yes, I can cancel the order. But I am not going to. I would like to see justice here. Not me withdrawing because there is no option to pursue.

Talking to an attorney wouldnt help since it would a David vs. Goliath situation. I have emailed all forms of feedback and customer support sections in HP including the CEO himself. Lets see what happens.

pradeep said...

Thats sad, man. Abject disregard for customers.

Ghost Particle said...

he best thing is you have the memory of it and u lodged a complain...sometimes these companies can be bloodsuckers...we have the same problem with dell and hp over here. And most of the times its cheaper to buy stuff from shops and sellers rather than the main guys themselves. HP sucks!

Anonymous said...


This totally blows.
I empathize. I went though a similar thing with Dell and MCI (when it exised).

However, it is conceivable that your anger is partially misdirected. The blame also rests on the customer service personnel that you interacted with. They are incompetent and disinterested.
Along the way if a single competent person handled your order, you may have come away satisfied.

The company is under price pressure to cut costs and lower budgets. This leads to improper and inadequate training for their customer service people and also more incompetent people on account of the low wages.

This happens all the time, with lots of big companies. On occasion you come across a qualified competet person who handles everything perfectly. Then you realize that there is still hope......

Scott said...

Don’t feel alone. Dealt with email support for a replacement keyboard. Bought my laptop dv2047 from Sam’s Dec 8,2006. Contacted support in Jan about the spacebar. The only way it would actuate was if you hit it dead center. A couple mm off and no joy. Asked to ship a replacement (billing software and client’s files a bit sensitive, and have some software that has limited number of keys. No way I could go without.

They sent me the instructions for replacing it, but wouldn’t send the keyboard (5 back-and-forths later). By this time I’m using a bluetooth keyboard, so isn’t a pressing issue. (Did I mention that I was an electronics calibration and repair tech and ran two labs in the AF?)

Flash forward to Nov 07, less than a month left on waranty, and I don’t have the keys loaded, and figure that I can get along without the billings for a week. Contact them and state a preference for self-install. They came up with the same mantra (India–mantra—ah, what’s the use) and tossed in a new twist: They say that the laptop waranty expired in Aug.

So, I have to email a copy of the receipt, plus fill out forms–will supposedly hear from them immediately about the update warranty date. Nada. Nothing. No communication what so ever.

So, the warranty is out, I will have to pay about $80 for a keyboard, and I’m pissed.

Will I recommend HP or Compaq to customers (I do VAR medical systems and teach part-time)? Probably not. They can stop sending me business system catalogs.

I’ll probably still support their printers, since I can second-source the parts, and they are workhorses. But I’ve got three (two HPs and one Compaq) laptops in, and I’ve basically told the owners to replace them with Dells. Three more customers have been advised to go with Dell servers. All for a freaking keyboard. Original support #KMM14560722V43597L0KM.

(During the last segment of tech support conversation, I replaced a screen, partial case, and DVD drive in a Compaq r3000 for a client (her daughter’s friend sat on it)).

The Last Blogger said...


Man, you had a tough time with them. I notice this to be a pattern these days. With cheaper products hitting the market even with respectable vendors, the quality of support just isnt there any more.

HP Customer Service said...


Worst customer service ever.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found this blog by googling “HP Customer Service Sucks”. I want to share my own HP rant with others who’ve experienced “the horror…”
I think the problem all started when they hired Kafka to write their customer service training manual.
I bought my dv9500t off of HP’s website in December 07 along with the expansion base. By the end of January, it was crashing and soon after (day or two) would stall during reboot. My final diagnosis was problem with the heat sink on the motherboard. It took longer to stall if I let it rest (cool down) for a while before trying to start up. The computer locked up even when I was on the BIOS page, so this definitely wasn’t a Vista problem.
After a lot of calls to HP customer (don’t)care, I was able to get a case manager who told me that I was entitled to a replacement. By this time (almost 1 1/2 weeks and about 10 phone calls each lasting between 10 and 45 minutes) I was fed up with HP, and declined the replacement and asked for a full refund to which the HP case manager said I was fully entitled. He gave me a case # and his fax # and phone number with extension and his work hours. He asked me to fax over my receipts to get the refund started. He made a point of telling me that the faxes in the office tend to get lost, so I should make sure to write his name in large letters on the fax. So, I did this, and called back the next day to confirm that he’d received the fax. I did call during the working hours he’d given me. I provided the person who answered the phone with my case #. I was told Anthony was unavailable and he would get back to me.
So, that was 2 weeks ago. I’ve since called his office 5 times trying to get hold of him and each time I received the same response, “he’ll call you later.” I have asked for a new case manager to no avail. At this point, I’m submitting a claim with Mastercard to see if I can recover some of the money I spent on this computer, and I will never buy another HP product again.

The Last Blogger said...


If I may offer a suggestion, try BBB. It worked for me.

Anonymous said...

HP truly has the worst system for getting anything done. I will never buy another HP product. Their service is awful!!!!!!!!!!!!

phantx said...

Ok have Quality photo issues with my printer to make a long story short I’ll just tell you how my wonderful HP calls to INDIA were! (SELL THEM IN INDIA IF YOU CAN’T HAVE CUSTOMER SERVICE HERE = AMERICA I REPEAT INDIAMEXICANAMERICA.
Let’s see was on phone with Wangphungme last night 3/9/08 the server was down for remote support. So I started same headache tonight still got jackasses on phone his name was Wangphunuaroundincircles 3/10/08 after repeated attempts to get through his thick head there were no printing on paper issues kept asking me how do they print ???? .I said I’M NOT HAVING PRINTING PROBLEMS !!!!!!! I said there’s poor
Quality when you click on anypicture.jpg that I scanned what do I get read above again (kept asking me how do they print????)
Then I get the OL did you try this SIR !!! I did every combination in the book all the different pixel settings etc what’s he do has me do it all over again when told him I did that already And tried on vista and XP same problems and tried on different monitor and pc see if was a monitor issue NOPE !…. if I mess up my writing here it’s because I’m on edge and pissed about things in America ! and how you can sell here but hire some poor slobs in different countries because your to cheap to pay Americans !!!! MORE THAN $5.75 AND HOUR ! …Back to my story lol they give me support service ticket number all that JAZZ after transferring me to hardware support for another song and dance. YES I had to repeat all my problems ALL OVER AGAIN TO THIS GUY !.. then I was granted (AFTER AND HOUR ROUGHLY) A replacement refurbished unit mind you (This guy never asked my name asked for credit card number in case I don’t return old printer but approved the card ? . WAIT IT GETS BETTER ! we almost finish everything gave him my email etc told him send me support ticket
Receipt order number etc I’m done I hang up !!!… few mins later I check my email smack myself in the head #&^%*&^#$ who the hell’s name is this ….. Here we go I call up customer service again I go through the lame handicapped recording prompts I get someone 10 mins or so they give me another number to call to fix name on shipment gave order number etc and name took her another 5 mins to comprehend my name I had to yell a 3rd time each letter in fanetics in other words like Tom would be T like Tom O for Oscar & M for Mary etc .I’m tired that’s all I’m writing Excuse my punctuation I’m frustrated and can’t think straight . Signed Phantx

Anonymous said...

I had a bad experence with hp, my dad was having trouble with a new printer he got so he called hp customer servece and they accessed his computer remotely to install the software for him. anywho its now a few days later and since the software was installed we cant access the internet, Iv'e goone on and tried to delete everything HP but apparantly our install/remove manager is no longer on our pc allong with some of out network software:P im trying to figure out what to do with out wiping the drive(my dad never put in system repair points) but ya hp sucks balls

Anonymous said...

OK got a good one had a keyboard failure on my dv 9000 called hp tech support ok got online with tech bios update reboot extreem left side keys not working couple other diags get told still under warranty send it in we will send you a box ok burn data to dvd plus copy to ext hd.. RELOADED sent in.. no response for almost three weeks get a call from PAUL says there was liquid spilt in system.. I ask how they did that hesays tech work area total food and drink free so I did it I told him no I did not.. Ok case manager will call and take over case ok case manager call says they will check into it.. call over a week later in meantime I get a hold of off site customer relations manager she says work area NOT drink and food free and will call me back NEVER happened.. case manager calls back I have pics of YOUR computer showing rust and spill system totaly inoperable bad motherboard bad dvd bad nic bad keyboard.748 plus dollars for repairs.. Rfuse to pay because I did not spill anything on it.. They send it back ok NO BATTERY OR POWERSUPPLY in box further inspection of system (I put fingernail polish on all back screws) no srews remover polish still on all srews no way to remove without taking off polish.. Now it gets real good call tech suport where is my barrery and power supply OH we will send it right out.. Second I was told my system was disassembled they confirmed I informed them I put fingernail polish on all screws on the back of the computer now a total loss of words but still says they will not repair the system I said send me my power supply and battery and got off the phone logged over 30 hours on the phone and for what they told me was totaly inoperable laptop.. gets better I get a power supply from work I am a computer tech by trade take it home plug in laptop powers up boots fine gets online burned dvd few keys on keybord not working but other than that fully funtional now trying to get a hold of customer relations to get this resolved and noone can tell me how they disassembled computer without removing any screws.. HP SUCKS wil never purchase any more hp products

the girl said...

HP Sucks! How can this company still be in business!?!
After the hell I've had dealing with hp it is at least semi-comforting to know that I'm not the only one! If I can spend my last dying breath giving one piece of advice to anyone buying a computer- DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HP!!! Their products are sub-par, and their customer service is non-existent! I have spent a year and a half dealing with these idiots and I can tell you from personal experience that spending money with hp is equivalent to throwing your money away!
I bought an HP Pavillion laptop 2 years ago which continually broke down over the course of the first six months of ownership, all for the same problem that the repair center was incapable of fixing- a faulty video card. The third time I sent it back they told me there were had no parts left to fix it and that I would have to wait 4 weeks for them to either repair it or replace it. SIX weeks later I still had no computer & customer service, when they did bother to return my phone calls, kept telling me there weren't any laptops available to replace it! After almost eight weeks I finally recieved a new laptop with a downgraded operating system. Literally the first time I turned on the new laptop to connect to the internet the screen flashed out and went black, the exact same problem that had happened with my last computer. I got so frustrated I put the thing away for a couple of months, knowing that since I had bought an extended warranty with my purchase I could contact customer service again once I had cooled off. A few months later I contacted hp again, and having been told that it would be repaired, sent my laptop off in their provided box. Two days later I got the computer back with a note from the repair department stating it was not covered under warranty, and would not be repaired. I called customer service and left 6 messages. No one returned my call. I then wrote a letter to the Board of Directors. I recieved an email a week later from the head of customer service asking for details of my complaint. I replied back and explained the situation, giving him names, dates, warranty numbers, etc. That was 6 months ago, and I still haven't gotten anyone to reply since.
THIS COMPANY IS CRAP FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM! They do not stand behind their sub-par products, and they will not honor their warranties. Take it from everyone who has gone through this- avoid them like grim death!

Anonymous said...


Koshy John said...

If you think that’s bad, check out how I’m getting tossed around by HP Customer Care India for a quite expensive HP Pavilion dv9295ea. There are too many details to put up, you can read it all at http://www.koshyjohn.com/hp but suffice to say that the laptop has been faulty for over 9 months within warranty and its taken them 3 months to fix and yet its not up to the mark…

Anonymous said...

I also had a very bad experience with HP. they have the worst customer service i have ever seen in my 50 years of living!I had a printer that i could not get a cable for that printer through HP so they talked me into an upgrade exchange for my old printer. i chargeed the 200.00 for the new printer.They sent me the printer with no lable to sent the old one back.I called them numerous times and finaly had a lable emailed to me. I sent the printer back. A month later i had a second charge on my charge card bill for 480.00 After hours and hours of talking to there poor customer service reps, including the superviser, They told me everything was taking care of. Next bill comes in with 480.00 still on it.Again hours of calling and being transfered a dozen times,they say there is nothing they can do, so it cost me 680.00 for a printer that sells everywhere for less than 200.00.I will never in my life, ever by another HP product.

P.S. And it all started with them not having the upgrade cable to go from ther'ye printer to a new computer's usb port. I would have been very happy keeping the old printer.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Nice Blog .In any case of DIY hp laptop battery the, most important thing to remember is that you should only do the repair yourself if you are confident enough that you can fix the thing yourself. Without the right experience and the right know-how your laptop can end up more broken than when you started

Anonymous said...

Here is the real deal, I am an HP employee (no longer proud to be) and I can sum up a lot of the complaints people are seeing with our service and support. Have you ever heard the old saying "what do you expect from the lowest bidder" this sums up what HP is all about these days. Almost all of our support has moved offshore, all that is left is a thin shell of long time HP employees that actually know how to fix computers and care about a customer. Our so called “call centers” are staffed by what HP calls “highly trained and educated staff” Well this may be true if you consider a college degree in India the equal of one in the US. These people did not grow up with computers, they do not have them in their homes and they just don’t get it! Now for he Customer relations folks, they are all located in Costa Rica and were hired right off the street! They were trained by the HP employees in the US that they replaced. If you refused to train your replacement, you got no severance package. On top of these changes, HP just released most of their experienced second level folks and moved those jobs to India too. Did HP use trained, experience people, well no, they were not even good front line agents, now they are second level. Working at HP in the US is like having a target painted on your back and walking through a firing range. If you can be replaced offshore, you will be and damn the customer experience. All of this has created a streamlined, inexpensive and clueless workforce that uses false names, makes hollow promises and has the clock held over their heads for every single customer interaction. It is quantity of calls, not the quality that matters here. So if you think you are dealing with an American company, think again. You are dealing with the lowest cost, least experienced staff imaginable. Turn over rates in the India call centers is around 50% so it will never be good; they jump ship for a dollar more an hour at another company. Remember this; HP is a company that has all but abandoned America. The few of us left are treated with little respect and work our tails off due to the comedy capers of our offshore everything. However, it you want to support the economy of India, Costa Rica and oh yes, communist China where we now have a call center, go for it. But if you do, don’t wave the American flag or feel good for buying American because you really are not. You are supporting the “lowest bidder” for each and every part of HP

Anonymous said...

I have owned many HP products over the years and their customer service is so bad at this point that I will never again purchase one of their products. I have spent hours on the phone talking with or holding for a rep only to be disappointed with their failure to follow through. I thought Dell had bad service until I encountered HP customer care. Purchase HP/Compaq at your own risk.

Anonymous said...

Their employee service isn't much better. They are concerned with their bonuses only and do not care about their people.

Anonymous said...

I want to sincerely thank all of you bloggers. I have a 3 week old lap top which already has problems. After 3 consecutive days of being on hold for 3+ hours each night, I still haven't reached a help desk agent on the phone. I was however, able to "chat" with a so called technician on-line who clearly does not speak the same language that I do. She wanted me to perform extremely high-tech tasks that I am not comfortable doing. After reading all of these comments, I feel absolutely lucky that I am still under my 30-day warranty with the store and I will be promptly be returning this to never buy another HP. Are there ANY computer companies out there that do offer decent customer service? I would love to know who.

Natalia said...

Thank you for your info, now I feel like i'm not alone dealing with these HP idiots (sorry but there is no other name for them). I have had sooooo many issues with them, that it's just too much to write, but one thing I wonder about: all those people who have had major problems with them, did any of them get an attorney and sue them? Cause hey, I don't know if anybody did it yet or not, but I'm sure after one or more court trials they will learn their lesson, who knows. One thing I want all the people know is(like you said): NEVER EVER EVER EVER AGAIN BUY ANY PRODUCT FROM HP!!!!!

mysterious said...

Recently, in 2009 I too had some bad experiences with HP service center, here in Hyderabad, India. Read here:

Liz said...

HP SUCKS!!!!!!

I bought an hp laptop after 2 Mouths the laptop starts failing. When starting the laptop it made a high pitch sound.I call Hp tech support and they guide me though a long process of restoring.After resorting many times they said the only solution is to ship it to us and we'll fix it.After the repair, I got the laptop back with the hard cover all scratched up I would almost say carved.So i called them again and explain that this laptop was brand new,So they said "No Problem"."We could Replace it for you", "ship back the laptop"."We are very sorry for the inconvenience" Thats the most played out phase B.T.W "We are very sorry for the inconvenience".

After Waiting for over two weeks i get the laptop back.

I was Horrified!!!...

First,The cover that they put had a compact logo,It was very POOR quality they never called to ask if it was ok.The cover was not put in correctly I had to Finish the job for them.
Second,The CD Rom Didn't work.It was very loose it wiggled alot.It was broken,Like if it was dropped.
Third,The keyboard was coming apart.
Forth,The bottom piece had a big gap.I could see though it.
It was falling apart.

So I called them and explain my frustration. They said "Don't Worry Mame we will have a case manager call you" after a 45 min phone call they asured me that they were going to call me.After waiting a very long period of time,I stayed up till 11 pm, I never got a call back. The next morning i called very upset.And the only thing they could say is "We are very sorry for the inconvenience".We I will Get a manager to call you back But you have to wait aleast 24hrs because it's still processing.Again I explained that they assured me that I was going to get a call the night before.They said trust us you will get a call.So now am waiting for that call.I surly will be requesting a full refund!..

Am done with HP!

And that's why HP SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

hp really is ghastly. It is awful in ways I cannot begint od eswcribe, the fact theyre are still financially solvent is remarkable. From one person to another, i would sincerely advise anyone reading this to avoid them like the plague.

Anonymous said...

I sent in my laptop to get fix, they return it back in a week, and said every was taken care of. The laptop is very slow, and have to wait 1-2 second after very click. I contacted HP, and they told me tons of things to try, on my laptop, after a week of trying, they finally told me so ship in the 2nd time, and tell me to get everything fixed soon because I expressed my need for the laptop. Every time I checked with them, the support team basically tell me to shut up and wait. On the delivery date, I checked with them again and they told me the laptop is with Fedex, not with them anymore. But right when I asked them for the tracking number, they told me it will be delivery soon, because it hasn't shipped yet. I first time I sent it in since 2/14, and still haven't got thing fixed until today 3/11. All I get is "soon"

So if you guys happened to buy an HP. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

These people are crazy..
I called for a problem I was
having with a HP laptop. the wireless card was making the system crash. The HP web site said to update the driveer, which I did.
Made things worse, crash and constant reboot. Fix the crash and reboot quickly and contacted HP (Oh my GOD, what idiots).After being on the phone for 45 Minutes with people that do not understand you. They told me that I would have to buy tech waranty, now here comes the part that is insane.
I said no to the warranty buy and researched the problem on google, come to find its is a known problem by hp and there is no real fix. So this company takes peoples money knowing they can not fix th problem. People should really be thinking Calss action suit!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's my contact with HP....
T : after installing printer 2 days ago, having trouble with ALL media readers. System media readers report cannot start code 10 and printer media readers are not recognized.
[An agent will be with you shortly.]
[You are now chatting with Allen .]
Allen : Hello Ty.
Allen : Welcome to HP Total Care. My name is Allen.
Ty : hey, do you have a patch for this yet?
Allen : Please go ahead with the query?
Ty : istalled officejet 6500, can't access any media readers, i unplugged and re installed my reader from MB and it reconizes only card that is currently in it, none of the printer readers are noted, device manager shows problem with "generic storage volume" code 10, cannot start....after playing with this i figured out if i unplug the printer, no problems
Ty : so, are you aware and do you have a patch yet?
Allen : Thank you for the information.
Allen : I am here to assist you.
Allen : May I know, What version of Windows are you using (Windows 98, Me, NT or XP or VISTA)?
Ty : vista 32
Ty : i authorized my sytem info to you
Allen : Thank you for the information.
Allen : Please unplug the printer from the computer.
Allen : Please try to print a test page form the All-In-One.
Allen : Let me know the result.
Ty : tell me where your going with this, i have played this game before, i am not a dumb computer illiterate, are you aware of a problem and do you have a patch
Ty : it's late, i'm up trying to work, and i'm not going through the checklist
Allen : First we need to check the hardware whether we are able to print a test page or not.
Ty : well, i can and have been printing for the last two days, bith direct usb and over the network
Ty : the problem is with the drivers for the media readers
Allen : I see.
Allen : Please perform the below steps on the computer.
Allen : Click on start >> control panel >> printers.
Allen : Do you see the printer icon?
Ty : its locking up all of the readers on the system, of course the easy fix is to just unplug the printer, ....yes i see the printer......the solution is to return it and buy another brand
Allen : Right click on the printer icon.
Allen : Select properties.
Allen : Click on print test page and let me know the result.
Ty : you fucking asshole
Ty : give me someone else
Ty : your wasting my time
Allen : It would be greatly appreciated if you would be professional in the language you use when sending us a message. We reserve the right not to respond to people misusing our services.
Ty : give me another tech who actually knows something about comuters
Allen : I would like to inform you that, I am not here to waste your time.
Allen : I am sorry, it is not possible.
Ty : i reserve the right to just never buy HP
Ty : give me another tech
Allen : Thank you.
Allen : Ty, are we connected online?
Ty : i am waiting for someone who knows something
Ty : send me to a supervisor
Allen :
You can call our support technicians at 1-800-474-6836.
Ty : so your refusing to transfer me to another tech or supervisor?
Allen : It is not possible to transfer the call to another technician.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't sure if you had this link or not. It is for the current hp class action on the ZD800 models. I had a ZD7000 with the graphic lines problem. 1st lawsuit fixed it for a month. Then it happened again and when I called HP I was hung up on. Needless to say that I won't even buy hp paper now, let alone anything else. Unfortunately, my model is not included and was considered settled at the 1st lawsuit. What a joke that was. However, I feel for everyone else and am posting this link everywhere. Call it a vendetta but, I'm getting my 2 grand back from them one way or another. Please help me get the word out.

TM Scopel


Kayt said...

Ugh. Problems here too. Not only are their customer service e-mail responses written with such poor english that it is only half understandable, they don't seem to actually fix any problems. When I sent them an e-mail about the screen on my mom's pavillion starting to flicker, they started sending me responses to some other guy's inquiry. These responses included all his information including serial number, full name, e-mail address, phone number, etc. I wrote back saying "I am not this guy" etc, and they responsed (with my "I am not him response in the quoted text") telling him that his laptop has a hardware problem and will need servicing and it would be free if he was under warranty and a charge if not. THey also informed him that he was out of warranty. I went back and read his original e-mail to them (it was in the quoted text as well) and he said he had already sent it to singapore twice and had the motherboard replaced twice. Now, even though it is obviously a faulty product, they're going to charge him! ANd send me all his information! They're not being any more helpful with my problem, either!

Anonymous said...

hp computers are the worst try to write the CEO a note all you get is thansk for buying my turd. HP is the worst, wait until you need service, you might as well as well tell them you wan the worst customer service and to be sc748 you will be if you by a HP i did

Anonymous said...

I'm having a problem right now with HP as well, and decided to google this up.

Pretty amazing, didn't know how bad HP was until now.

I bought a new laptop from them, its literally only 6 hours old in my possession, and i have gone through 6 tech support chats. The problem: My laptop cannot connect to my wireless internet although it detects a strong signal. I've tried everything from manually entering my WEP key to do a whole room makeover to get the other wireless devices out of the way. But even with the piece of shit laptop right next to the router, it wont do any good.

All of the techs end the chat with a "I'm certain this will fix your problem". And now, my NEW HP laptop is undergoing a System Recovery. What kind of bs is this? I told the last tech support that i will most DEFINTELY look past HP when purchasing my next reliable computer, and that i will actually buy a Mac with the money i get back from returning this "HP We-lied-and-told-you-this-was-a-Wireless" notebook.

Anonymous said...

I hate HP. I'm on the phone with a guy named Sam Pawan for the last 2 hours, a guy from probably India without even a good phone connection (we can't hear each other half the time) to only find out exactly what I knew already: The computer is not working. Fuck hp. Fuck hp.

Anonymous said...

Take it from someone with a world of HP expierience ... their customer service does indeed suck. BUT they have great products, that are really competitive on the market. So my reccomendation is finding a local company that is an HP authorized service center. They can do warranty repair, exchanges, and cut out you having directly deal with HP all together!

Ken said...

HP support wanted me to PAY for support just because my warranty expired. I said this was not acceptable and how can they justify charging someone who bought the product from them in the first place additional fees to help them. Sounds like a money making scam to me. I for one will NEVER buy a HP product again. All I wanted to know was what possible problems would be for my display not turning on. Extremely disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Agree, have had many "brands" of computers and so far the HP service is the worst!

Anonymous said...

HP online purchase SUXS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went online I asked the online chat rep can I use a debit gift card and my credit card, she said yes...so I tried placed the order. I found not only was my card denied it charged both cards for 298 dollars. I did not realize it took my money already. So I tried again but reduced the gift card....of course it was declined again. Because the gift card was not empty of money. HP took it..and did not ship any product...so now I am out almost 600 dollars from the crappy company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I got NOTHING!!!! Thanks HP for the WORST online experience EVER!!! I got hung up on three times!!!!!! Would be nice to speak top someone that speaks english!!!! Here is it Christmas and I am out 600 dollars thanks to HP.

Anonymous said...

Guys/Gals, Dell is no different. I was looking for a rusty razor blade by the 4th day and 39th person I spoke with just to get a replacement lap top screen. One rep even told me to take the refund and go to Ebay as I was more likely to get the screen I needed! LOL Talk about lowered expectations...

kellywang said...

Thats sad, man. Abject disregard for customers.

Anonymous said...

Yes, HP customer service SUCKS! The person on the other end of the phone did not speak adequate English. If my answers did not match his script, he became frustrated and kept repeating himself. Uh, I could understand him fine the first time. Then, the topper, he said he would call back in 10 minutes after my computer installed updates and rebooted. That was 17 days ago, and I'm guessing I won't be getting a call from non-English speaking piece of trash! My problem WAS NOT corrected. I think I will return the dang printer and buy another brand. I am so brand loyal. If someone will give me customer service, I will be a customer for life.

soreya said...

They are concerned with their bonuses only and do not care about their people.

Varghese said...

i had the same experience from hp. i thought am only one had this problem with hp. after reading your Experience i am strongly supporting you to get justice on your and many others issue like this. and Indian customer care service is award winning you never get any response till your product warranty ends. i already decided to never buying any Hp products in my Life and also am giving this message to every one.

Anonymous said...

hp has outsourced his work to wipro, an organization in India. now this i a mother fuscker c/o. they never resolve any issue but only concentrate on selling product. Google out this c/o and fusck this c/o.

shopi said...

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20kazz said...

I had to deal with hp I got A printer it kept saying ink syestem failure i called customer service could not understand them they treated me like was stupid I did everything they said. They said they were going to send me a label and a box to send printer back so i can get a repacement I did not want to give my info to them so i have to wait to get the box now i have called them about 10 or more times asking were is my lable after 20 days got the label but no box.

Anonymous said...

I purchase a Mimi 210 for my grandson last month. Took a week + to get it because he wanted a red one. Red was special order even though they offer black, red, blue and purple.

It arrived well packaged. Box had absolutely no damage and the PC was perfectly wrapped in it's box. The mouse pad didn't work. My daughter spent over 6 hours on the phone with multiple service reps.

She was first told that I hadn't purchased an extended warranty so it wasn't covered. She explained we had just received it that afternoon. Long story short they couldn't get it working. After my wife had finally had enough she took over the conversation, got nasty, then they agreed to take it back and send another. Of course its taking two weeks because its a "special" order because he wants a red one.

You'd think they would make sure "special" orders actually worked before shipping.

My 7 year old grandson is very disappointed. Every day he asks when his new computer is coming. Think maybe they would put a rush on the replacement? Nooooooo!!!!! Go the end of the line and start over. I hope this one works. If it ever gets here.

I bought a Pavilion 7 years ago. I couldn't find the mouse in the Control Panel. Took an hour for the tech to figure out I needed a CD to install the drivers. Said I needed a start-up disk. Got it week later. Called support. Oh, you don't need the start-up disk, you need a hardware disk. Got it a week later. Call tech support and got the drivers installed so I could slow the mouse down. It wold flash for one side of scree to the other with just a touch before I slowed it down.

Bought a Mini 110 last year. Built in camera wouldn't work. Two hours on the phone with tech-support then the tech finally logged into my PC over the internet. 20 minutes later he found the problem and activated the camera.

Now my wife wants a Mini 210. She wants a colored one. Special order! I hate to tell her no but I really hate to order anything else form HP.

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HP returned my laptop ruined

I sent a 4 month old laptop to HP because it never worked properly. The keyboard and touchpad lacked proper response from day one and eventually the whole laptop went kaput. They emailed me to contact them at which point they informed me it was water damage. REALLY!? Did I miss the part when my laptop left the same table it sits on where I keep no liquids? Nice, HP. Way to avoid paying. So the tech quotes me $320 for a new touchpad, motherboard, keyboard and screen. Yup...a whole new laptop when it was already pretty darn new. After arguing with them over the water thing for what seemed like hours...I gave in. Then I asked if they can make it less... they sent me over to a manager who told me the REAL charges where $641.99. I bought the laptop 3 months earlier for $750. I tell them please return the laptop to me unaltered I would get a 2nd opinion. Within a few days an email survey from HP re: customer svc comes. I write to them about what happened and assume it will go into a pit never to be read. I was wrong. A customer care manager called me. We rehashed the entire story and she offers to let me pay HALF for the repairs. How kind. I declined telling her I didn't trust their reports and I plan to get a 2nd opinion and see the damage for myself. They ship me back my laptop. Fast forward a few very busy weeks later...I take my boxed up, never opened, returned laptop from off of my desk where it sat and prepare to take it in for said 2nd look. Upon taking it out of the box I notice it was greasy/gooey and dirty. This laptop was pristine when it was shipped to them. I open it up and find out they cracked the bezel at BOTH hinges. What's more?...they also broke my screen....which would explain why I was told it needed to be replaced when it was in perfect condition upon leaving my home. The end result, HP wrecked my laptop which was crap from the start and wanted me to basically re-purchase my faulty damaged (BY HP) laptop back from them. HOW they even had the nerve to not switch out the twice cracked bezel at a cost of what a couple of dollars? What about wiping it off? HP's customer service is appalling.

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